Ten Ways Acupuncture & Herbs Help with Allergies

by Crystal Jancovic, LAc, LMT

Ten Ways Acupuncture & Herbs Help with Allergies

How can acupuncture and herbal medicine help you with allergies?

1) Build the Immune System and defense system of the body

When a person has allergies. Their body’s defense system in weakened and has a hard time fighting off allergens. Both acupuncture and herbs can strengthen the body’s natural defense mechanisms so when external pathogens are present, the allergens do not cause such a large immune response.

2) Prevent the release of Histamine

Just like many allergy patients start taking bee pollen and other prophylactics a couple months before allergy season, you can do the same with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. There are very effective formulas that will prevent the release of histamine from ever happening. Specific acupuncture points will provide a synergistic effect with the herbs.

3) Lessen severity of allergy symptoms when already present.

Acupuncture is used frequently for acute relief of allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, blocked nasal passages, sinus headache, itchy eyes and throat. Local points are commonly used to provide instant relief during a treatment.

4) Strengthen the Lungs

The lungs play a huge role in the health of a patient with allergies, asthma, recurrent colds and a history of respiratory issues. Most of the time, the person suffering from allergies will present with the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis of Lung qi deficiency, in which acupuncture and herbs are incredibly effective at treating.

5) Open the chest

When the body is constantly attacked by allergens, the chest may become tight and breathing will become difficult, labored and short. If the lung energy can descend properly, the lungs are able to inhale and allow complete chest expansion. Being able to take a deep, full breath not only helps with providing the body all the oxygen it needs, it also decreases stress and aids in the ability for the body to cope with allergies.

6) Dissolve phlegm and mucus.

In Chinese medicine, the Spleen and Stomach are the underlying organs, responsible for phlegm and mucus. Herbs and acupuncture are able to clear dampness and phlegm from the Spleen and Stomach channels which in turn dries up excess fluids in the body. This also increases metabolism and circulation to clear allergens out of the body faster.

7) Decrease inflammation in the body

Histamine is an inflammatory response in the body so when histamines release, it is important to reduce internal inflammation of the membranes as soon as possible before all the normal allergy symptoms start arising. Acupuncture and herbs are able to calm the immune response and decrease swelling and inflammation of the body tissues.

8) Detoxification of the body from allergens and other toxins

The liver is responsible for filtering the toxins that infiltrate the body. The liver can be weak (in Chinese medicine terms usually Liver yin xu or Liver qi xu) so therefore, the acupuncturist chooses acupuncture points and herbs to strengthen the Liver and increase it’s ability to process through all of the environmental allergens and toxins more easily.

9) Restore proper function of the respiratory tract and nasal passages

It is very easy for allergies to block the respiratory tract and nasal passages and therefore hinder the ability for them to work smoothly. By using the reducing/clearing method in acupuncture and choosing herbs that remove stagnation from the airways, patients with allergies are able to breathe again without a persistent cough or constant runny nose.

10) Alleviate watery, red and itchy eyes

The eyes in Traditional Chinese Medicine are linked to the Liver meridian as well. When listening to a practitioner speak, they may refer to it as “Liver Wind.” Then formulas and acupuncture points to “dispel wind” from the Liver channel would be used to stop eye irritation during an allergic episode.

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Michelle Astringer
Michelle Astringer
I have been working with Jamie 2x per week for the past couple of weeks. He is extremely attentive, understanding and thorough. I was nervous to start with acupuncture because of my herniated disc and fear of needles but he has made the experience feel very safe and comfortable. I’ve noticed a decrease in pain after suffering for over a year. Highly recommend!
Dani Zocante
Dani Zocante
We learned about this facility years ago, and try to do a session every week, both practitioners are fantastic!
ashley snider
ashley snider
My first visit to this clinic was incredible. I found it to be educational, supportive and a step in the right direction for my health. Jamie was attentive and provided helpful information and recommendations. Already have a treatment plan underway and my next appointment booked! Highly recommend for anyone interested in acupuncture and what it has to offer.
Carrie Butler
Carrie Butler
Jamie was amazing! He was so nice and very knowledgeable. It was my first time getting acupuncture and he explained each step and what to expect. I would definitely recommend him.
Crystal was able to get me in quickly. Highly recommend.
Sarah Llerena
Sarah Llerena
I recently had an incredible experience at this place, and I don't even know where to begin. I found myself in unbearable back pain, unable to stand up straight, and unsure of what caused it. Fortunately, I was able to schedule a prompt appointment, and Jamie's expertise was truly amazing! After receiving both cupping and acupuncture treatments, I noticed a remarkable improvement right away and within just two days, i was 95% back to my normal self. Don't hesitate to book an appointment here—it made a significant difference for me.
Thomas Najar
Thomas Najar
Great service at a good price. Convenient location, knowledgable staff, clean and inviting clinic.
Tracy Carr
Tracy Carr
This is the best place ever! I get cupping and acupuncture when my back starts acting up and leave feeling like 50 pounds was lifted off my back. Crystal and Jamie are very thorough in their questions to understand what’s going on and the treatment they provide. And the prices can’t be beat. 10/10
Liz Spanos
Liz Spanos
I have been going to Lakewood Community Acupuncture for over a year and can’t imagine my life without it now!! It can truly help with so much - from physical pain (I have issues with my pelvic floor and multiple herniated discs) to emotional blocks, energy deficiencies and more! I ALWAYS feel better after acupuncture. I’ve seen all the practitioners and they are all extremely skilled, but Crystal is my go-to. She is not only very gentle and effective but always a delight to connect with. For the quality of service, atmosphere and price, you cannot do better. It’s been a game changer for me. Wholeheartedly recommend!!


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