November 16, 2018
Acupuncture & Sports Injuries
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July 18, 2018
Ten Ways Acupuncture & Herbs Help with Allergies
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May 3, 2018
Bitter(Sweet) - Sugar and Your Health

Blood sugar imbalance is a major contributing factor to many modern diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and Alzheimers. Thats right, even Alzheimers, which is now being referred to as type 3 diabetes.

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May 2, 2018
Resolving Acid Reflux Naturally

Stomach acid is your friend... and acid suppressing drugs are part of the problem! Our stomach naturally produces strong acid to break down our food. Without it, our food basically rots, instead of digesting, and this causes all sorts of problems including acid reflux, constipation, gas and bloating and so much more!

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May 2, 2018
Connecting With Your Local Food Source!

Whether you are already a healthy eater who is striving to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable in their eating habits, or you are learning to eat more wholesome, local foods, it is great to know where your food comes from and to have a personal connection with the farming communities who serve us.

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May 2, 2018
Acupuncture & Herbs: Before, During & After Travel

Individual travel needs and concerns can vary greatly throughout our community but I have found one thing in common for many of my patients, most of them had no idea acupuncture and Chinese herbs could help so much before, during and after travel.

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May 2, 2018
Postpartum Rehabilitation and Exercise

After spending three quarters of a year growing a baby inside and preparing for labor; rehabilitation and exercise after birth are rarely planned out ahead of time. It is never too late to take care of your body postpartum but the sooner the better for a faster recovery.

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May 1, 2018
The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

There are some amazing benefits to training the mind to drop into a place of gratitude throughout your life. So what exactly is gratitude and how can you manifest it in your life?

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