Correcting Erectile Dysfunction with Acupuncture & Herbs

by Jamie Holland, LAc, ABT, ACN

The basics

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the inability to hold an erection that is strong enough to engage in sexual activity, and is generally considered a disorder when it occurs for longer than 6 months (1, 2). It is a condition that effects nearly 40% of men in their 40's and upwards of 70% of those in their 70's. You can see a pattern here. For every 10 years, another 10 percent of the male population in that age group is affected by ED (2). A growing number of younger men are reporting ED, however, and it is no longer just seen as an aging or psychological problem (3).

The physiological process of  getting and maintaining an erection is complex and utilizes many different systems in the body including the brain, the parasympathetic nervous system, hormones, the vascular system, local glands and organs and emotional excitement. Additionally, there are many risk factors, diseases and disorders that often lead to ED, a small sample of which include depression, heart disease, diabetes, drinking, smoking and substance abuse (1, 2). The International Index of Erectile Function is the most widely accepted questionnaire to evaluate whether someone has ED, in addition to detailed sexual history and physical examination by a physician (2).

How does acupuncture work?

Blood Flow: Acupuncture increases blood flow to the extremities (10)

Stress: Acupuncture balances the autonomic nervous system, helping the body to relax into parasympathetic (rest/digest/heal/reproduce). (11)

Balances Hormones: Acupuncture and herbal treatments can help to balance hormones (14)

Can acupuncture help resolve erectile dysfunction?

A Healthline article explains how acupuncture may work to address ED like this: “Acupuncture is believed to work by stimulating your nerves, which release hormones, which then increase your threshold of pain. It may also increase the circulation of blood, help regulate blood sugar, and create other health benefits” (6)

One study found that acupuncture alone, completely resolved Erectile Dysfunction in 75% of participants. In this study, all patients were seen twice a week for a total of ten weeks.  (4) Other studies showed minor but significant improvements in participants receiving acupuncture with electrical stimulation at acupuncture points (5). Another study showed 60% improvement in a ED patients (8).

The best results come from a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine, "The results indicate that acupuncture with herbs is more effective than either herbs or acupuncture as a standalone therapy" (9). This is because herbs can help balance hormones and treat any underlying infection or inflammation, if present. Another study, using acupuncture and herbs, showed a 45% improvement. (12)Furthermore, acupuncture had no reported negative side effects.


Michelle Astringer
Michelle Astringer
I have been working with Jamie 2x per week for the past couple of weeks. He is extremely attentive, understanding and thorough. I was nervous to start with acupuncture because of my herniated disc and fear of needles but he has made the experience feel very safe and comfortable. I’ve noticed a decrease in pain after suffering for over a year. Highly recommend!
Dani Zocante
Dani Zocante
We learned about this facility years ago, and try to do a session every week, both practitioners are fantastic!
ashley snider
ashley snider
My first visit to this clinic was incredible. I found it to be educational, supportive and a step in the right direction for my health. Jamie was attentive and provided helpful information and recommendations. Already have a treatment plan underway and my next appointment booked! Highly recommend for anyone interested in acupuncture and what it has to offer.
Carrie Butler
Carrie Butler
Jamie was amazing! He was so nice and very knowledgeable. It was my first time getting acupuncture and he explained each step and what to expect. I would definitely recommend him.
Crystal was able to get me in quickly. Highly recommend.
Sarah Llerena
Sarah Llerena
I recently had an incredible experience at this place, and I don't even know where to begin. I found myself in unbearable back pain, unable to stand up straight, and unsure of what caused it. Fortunately, I was able to schedule a prompt appointment, and Jamie's expertise was truly amazing! After receiving both cupping and acupuncture treatments, I noticed a remarkable improvement right away and within just two days, i was 95% back to my normal self. Don't hesitate to book an appointment here—it made a significant difference for me.
Thomas Najar
Thomas Najar
Great service at a good price. Convenient location, knowledgable staff, clean and inviting clinic.
Tracy Carr
Tracy Carr
This is the best place ever! I get cupping and acupuncture when my back starts acting up and leave feeling like 50 pounds was lifted off my back. Crystal and Jamie are very thorough in their questions to understand what’s going on and the treatment they provide. And the prices can’t be beat. 10/10
Liz Spanos
Liz Spanos
I have been going to Lakewood Community Acupuncture for over a year and can’t imagine my life without it now!! It can truly help with so much - from physical pain (I have issues with my pelvic floor and multiple herniated discs) to emotional blocks, energy deficiencies and more! I ALWAYS feel better after acupuncture. I’ve seen all the practitioners and they are all extremely skilled, but Crystal is my go-to. She is not only very gentle and effective but always a delight to connect with. For the quality of service, atmosphere and price, you cannot do better. It’s been a game changer for me. Wholeheartedly recommend!!


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