Featured Artist at Lakewood Community Acupuncture

Our Spring artist is Carol Husemann!

Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing her art

Live Art Gallery, featuring Carol Husemann
Friday, April 19th from 6-8pm

To see more art & products visit: instagram.com/aumessentials

About the Artist | Carol Husemann

As an artist I’ve always been drawn to impressionism and abstract imagery.  Interesting shapes and colors fascinate me. My art style brings impressionism, and abstract together producing colorful and whimsical pieces. I am inspired by nature, colors, and patterns.

My medium of choice is alcohol ink. Alcohol ink is highly pigmented and is used with rubbing alcohol or blending solution to move across non-porous surfaces. Ceramic, Yupo paper, or canvas are my current substrate choices.

Please visit my Instagram or Facebook page @AUMessentials

Thank you for visiting, Carol Husemann

If you are interested in showcasing your artwork for a season, please contact Lakewood Community Acupuncture at info@lakewoodacupuncture.org. Please note that LCA does not pay artists to display their art however, any $ from art that is sold at LCA goes 100% to the artist.