3 Guided Meditations for Pain Relief, Relaxation, and Loving Kindness

Suggestions for a successful meditation:

  • Have a clean, quite space, free from distractions.
  • Set up a comfortable chair or cushion, which will allow you to to sit up straight and remain still during the entire meditation session, without your posture, chair, or cushion becoming a distraction.
  • Meditate when your have the most energy and the least distractions, such as in the morning. However, if you are limited in your free time, anytime you can find is beneficial for meditation.
  • Remember your meditation throughout the day—your meditation isn't done after you get up from your chair or cushion. Instead, bring that peaceful feeling you generated during your meditation with you throughout the day.



Guided Meditations (MP3's)

Please click on the meditation of your choice below and the audio file will open

Hollow Body Meditation for Pain Relief & Full Body Relaxation (10 minutes)

Breathing Meditation for Relaxation & Stress Reduction (10 minutes)

A Meditation on Love—an Inexhaustible Source of Happiness for Ourselves & Others (12 minutes)



Jamie Holland has been practicing Kadampa Buddhist meditation since 2004 and during this time has volunteered with Kadampa Meditation Centers throughout the country in various ways, including teaching meditation classes for adults and kids. These meditations are practical and applicable for people of all beliefs.

If you are interested in learning more about Kadampa Buddhist meditation, please visit Kadampa.org. If you live in the Denver area, feel free to visit meditationincolorado.org for more information on local meditation classes.


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