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Nonprofit Community Acupuncture & Holistic Healthcare

7114 W Jefferson Ave, Suite 112
Lakewood, CO 80235
(720) 242-9756

This is how we heal

We treat a variety of  conditions including

Chronic Pain & Illness | Community Acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Chronic Pain & Illness

Stress Injuries | Community Acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Repetitive Use Injuries

Sports Injuries | Community Acupuncture & Cupping | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Sports Injuries

Headaches | Community Acupuncture & Cupping | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO


Sleep Issues | Community Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Sleep Issues

Vitality & Energy | Community Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Vitality & Energy

Emotional Health

Digestive Disorders | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Digestive Disorders

Fertility | Community Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Fertility & Pregnancy

Women's Health | Community Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Women’s Health

Men's Health | Community Acupuncture & Heart Sound Recorder

Men’s Health

Wellness & Maintenance

Heart Health | Community Acupuncture & Nutrition | Heart Sound Recorder

Heart Health

Addiction Recovery | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Addiction Recovery

Respiratory Disorders | Community Acupuncture & Herbs | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Seasonal Colds & Allergies

Healthy Weight Management | Community Acupuncture & Purification Programs | Sound Heart Community Acupuncture | Lakewood CO

Healthy Weight Management

Meet your natural healthcare team

Crystal & Jamie are passionate about offering affordable and effective acupuncture and natural healthcare. Through the practitioner’s extensive training in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicinebodyworknutritional therapies and other holistic modalities, Lakewood Community Acupuncture offers the best of natural healthcare in an affordable and comfortable setting.

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Jamie Holland, L.Ac., ACN
Co-Founder & Practitioner

Crystal Jancovic, L.Ac., LMT
Co-Founder & Practitioner

    5 star review  My sister recommended this place to me and it did not disappoint. I saw Crystal and she was wonderful. It's a warm and sweet space to receive treatment in. I opted for the added Fire Cupping Therapy, which I had never experienced before and would highly recommend! Crystal helped me with an issue I was having and I left in much less pain than I arrived. Looking forward to working with both practitioners on a regular basis for overall maintenance and stress relief.

    thumb Angela Kuban

    5 star review  I went in for my first-ever acupuncture treatment, and Jamie was amazing! He was so helpful and thorough, and took the time to explain exactly what he was doing since I'm new to the practice. I also tried cupping for the first time here as well, and I noticed an immediate difference after the session. I'll definitely be back!

    thumb katherine Kelly

    5 star review  I love this place! I have had treatments with both Crystal and Jamie. Both have the right mix of empathy, knowledge, and skill that makes each session a new and effective experience. Both Jamie and Crystal are kind, friendly, sincere...and the community setting is great! A peaceful healing oasis for all. I brought my granddaughter a couple of times and we had sessions together, which was very sweet. The online scheduling is easy, and I have never had a problem getting a time that works for me. And it's very affordable, big upfront fees like some other places charge.

    thumb MaryJo Garascia

    5 star review  This place is wonderful! My wife discovered this place a couple of weeks ago, and took me to try it. I've tried acupuncture a couple of times before and have to say this was the best experience I've had. Can't wait to go back.

    thumb Devon Barclay

Articles For A Healthy Life

With Guest Writer, Christopher Miller, L.Ac. By now, mindfulness is a mainstream word.  It is being practiced in businesses to increase productivity and in schools to improve learning, attendance, and attention.  In the healthcare field, conventional physicians cannot deny the benefit to their patients overall wellbeing. Last month a patient of mine told me that her Primary Care Physician recommended meditation
With Guest Writer, Paul Robinson, LAc Nearly all people have the desire to reduce stress and increase happiness in their life. In fact, this global desire has fostered a meditation and mindfulness industry that, “in 2015… raked in nearly $1 billion, according to research by IBISWorld…” ( ). Employer’s are hiring meditation instructors to teach their employees, mindfulness retreats are
With Guest Writer Graham Kenny Wellness planning is a new concept for many of my patients. In a time when people are more reactive to health symptoms than proactive towards wellness, how can we apply our understanding of business and strategic planning to managing our own health? Every business faces greater and greater challenges as it continues to grow. A successful
With Guest Writer, Brianna Brownfield, LAc The shift from darkness to light, yang bursting from yin is officially upon us.  Spring brings a dramatic shift in seasons with longer days, warmer weather, budding blossoms, fresh earthly scents, and a rebirth of plants breaking through the soil.  Spring’s time of renewal, expansion, and growth offers many lessons to be learned from observing
With Guest Writer, Gray Estrada, MTCM In olden times survival was fought for.  An intimate understanding of terrain, environment, seasonal cycles, observation of prey routes and dialogue with Nature kept us alive.  In modern times, that dialogue is almost non-existent given the ease, efficiency and accessibility to technological innovations. As such, our primal instincts are collectively numbed and our connection to
With guest writer, Brianna Brownfield, LAc An ancient medical system has found its place in modern healthcare.  Although acupuncture in the United States is still viewed as a relatively new, “alternative” form of medicine, it has repeatedly proven successful in treating a myriad of both acute and chronic conditions, earning its place in today’s medical community.  Acupuncturists now work side by