Sinus Congestion & Acupuncture

Whether it is because of allergies or a lingering cold, sinus congestion can feel debilitating. Between sinus headaches and discomfort in the nasal passages, acupuncture and herbs can help. There are local points on the face that can either be massaged with Tuina bodywork or needled with acupuncture needles. These points help open the sinuses and help clear phlegm and congestion. Distal points can also be stimulated to dissolve phlegm, eliminate pain, increase energy and strengthen the immune system.

Lakewood Community Acupuncture also has topical oils to apply to the skin or use for steam inhalations to open the sinus passages. We have many different types of herbal formulas our licensed acupuncturists and herbal specialists can prescribe to combat or prevent allergies, colds, the flu, viral and bacterial infections. Schedule your appointment today to finally clear that heavy head and free your mind from discomfort.


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