Seasonal Health: Transitioning Emotionally into Spring

Spring is the season of growth, rebirth and new beginnings. Spring Season is associated with the Liver and Gallbladder representing the Wood Element. Anger resides in the Liver/Wood element and it is important to keep liver health optimal to process through and detox physically and emotionally from what we have been holding onto. Spring is the best time for detoxification, a function managed by the liver. Eating foods that balance liver function will help keep a person healthy throughout Spring. 

Spicy/Pungent Flavor is best to eat in the Spring. It is stimulating, clears and disperses, increases circulation. Spicy/pungent is good for treating digestion, energy boosting, cold prevention, clearing phlegm, eliminating parasites and inducing sweat. Avoid if you are experiencing high blood pressure, a fever, rash, or any dryness (dry mouth, dry cough). Examples: garlic, ginger, hot spices, peppers, radishes, raw onions, scallions. 

Spring is a time of growth, planning, vision, identity, focus and direction. It is the rebirth after Winter. A time to release what is not nourishing you and open new doors. It is a great time for detoxification both physically and mentally. A time to plan and envision something new. There is an energy of bursting forth. The plants are finally about to break free from the constraint of the soil. How can you break free from your own constraints? We recommended taking the time to really go through the following questions. Navigating through how you can best serve yourself will set your Spring up for optimal emotional health and wellness. 

Questions to ask yourself during the Spring Season:


  • What does my personal decision making process look like?
  • Are my choices in rhythm with my personal life’s process?
  • Do I agonize over decisions?
  • Are my decisions self evident and self revealing?
  • In what way have I struggled with implementing my plans?
  • How clearly can I see the difference between good and poor choices?
  • What gets in the way of me seeing clearly and making good choices?
  • What prevents me from seeing myself and others in our perfection?
  • When do I fall into habits of judging and criticizing others and myself?
  • Do I get swept up by the latest fad? (Like being blown in the wind?)
  • Do I allow myself to be still or to “sleep on it?”


  • Am I in touch with my purpose?
  • How clear or unclear am I about my future?
  • Do I have a vision? What is it?
  • Do I have a plan? Or do I avoid one?
  • Are there many branches or just one path?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses in planning for myself, my work, my life?
  • How does creativity live through me?


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